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Week of Oct 25- Nov 1:  Wed/Sat classes are confirmed! 

Trish ward subs for aria this sat nov 1

No Kids Yoga Thurs Nov 30! Kids Yoga continues in 2015!


Classes are open to Moms, Dads and Caregivers


Attending one of Aria’s pre-natal yoga classes is like hitting the reset button! Whenever I leave her class, I feel refreshed in mind, body and spirit. She helps me to connect with my body and my baby. Aria is a very attentive teacher who is not afraid to come around and help when I am out of position. I love this, because I want to get the most out of my yoga practice. Not only all of that, but she creates a community like environment for us new Moms which I very much appreciate. This being my first child, I am so happy to have Aria and the other yoga Moms to get advice from and swap stories with. Can’t speak highly enough about Aria and the benefits of practicing yoga with her! — Thea G., YELP


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